Gordon Turner

Manager, Technical Team Lead and Senior Developer


Gordon is a passionate technology evangelist, experienced manager, application developer and technology facilitator.

Gordon has over 15 years of development experience, including system integration, website authoring and mobile app creation.

In a leadership role, he has guided multi-disciplinary teams through discovery, requirements gathering, execution and delivery.

Over his career, Gordon has worked with many national and international companies including Goodlife Fitness, Boston Pizza, OLG, Aldo, Second Cup, Molson Coors, Old Navy, Imperial Oil, General Motors, Barnes and Noble, Boston Scientific, Blue Mountain and Discover Ontario.

Gordon has an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Waterloo.


Providing technical leadership for all members of the project; development team, account managers, project managers and client.

Capacity to support in all phases of the project life cycle, from concept, architecture / solution design, estimates & scopes, implementation, launch, in market support, new features and enhancements.

Strongly believe in success as a team, state of continuous improvement, always willing to stop and help others learn.

Team Leadership: Passion, motivation, fairness, high expectations, recognizing individual strengths and building on them

Project Leadership: Estimates, scoping, solution design and architecture, statement of work, implementation, post mortem

Polyglot developer; fluent in many programming and scripting languages including Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, SQL and Bash. Also familiar with Node.js, jQuery, Python and HTML 5/CSS/JS.

Extensive experience with Raspberry Pis and Arduinos. Hardware circuit design, prototyping and implentation. Past projects include 3d printing, laser cutting and fabrication.

Languages: Java, JavaScript (Node.js), Objective-C, Bash, Python

Java: Spring Framework (MVC, Security, Batch), Hibernate, Maven, Junit

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap

iOS: Objective-C, Xcode and Instruments, push notification, localization, testing

Integrations: Salesforce Marketing Cloud, 3rd party web APIs, Paypal

Hardware: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, circuit design & prototyping, laser cutting, 3d printing

Strong operations skill set and has managed Linux servers including setting up Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, PostgreSQL and KVM / qemu virtualization. Deep understanding of the need to support a project in production.

Hosting: AWS (EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, S3, Cloudfront), Linux KVM/qemu

Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS), MacOS, OpenBSD, Windows

Server Applications: Apache, Tomcat, RabbitMQ, Node.JS, Jenkins, Logstash (ELK), Wordpress

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite