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Hello, my name is Gordon Turner, I am a developer, creative, architect and leader. I have worked with technology my whole life, building and making things.

Someone described me once as a curious generalist, which stuck with me. I am curious about a lot of different things.

Professionally, I have worked on projects of widely varying scales and with established brands and smaller start ups. The work I have enjoyed and had the most success with were for projects where we are trying something new and having fun.

To get to know be better, check out my About page.

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I have had many projects on the go over the years and I try to share what I have learned. The projects I have worked on have varied widely, from software and coding, to hardware and 3d printing.

Below are a selection of some of my projects, to see everything, checkout my blog.


Raspberry Pi Browser Full Screen

An on-going series that details the steps to setup a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian to boot into a full screen web browser.

Includes hiding the mouse pointer, disabling screen saver, installing additional fonts and putting the Chromium in kiosk mode.

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Arduino Ethernet Temperature Probe

A project that created a network attached temperature probe. The device responded to a simple GET request with either JSON or xml response.

Project uses a Arduino UNO, Ethernet shield and a 1-Wire protocol temperature sensor.

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Arduino Light Sensor

A project to create a device to turn a computer screen on and off by responding to dramatic changes in ambient light. The device also has a manual power toggle and browser refresh button.

Project uses a Raspberry Pi, Raspbian, tvservice, Arduino Leonardo and electronics.

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Raspberry Pi IR Transmitter

How to configure a Raspberry Pi to transmit IR output using the new kernel drivers, ir-keytable & ir-ctl, rather then LIRC.

Project uses ir-ctl and soldering of electrical components.

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